Greater Cincinnati Minority Counsel Program

Embracing Inclusion in the Legal Profession

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the GCMCP is to increase the volume, value, and significance of corporate legal work managed, billed, and performed by minority attorneys by implementing a partnership among corporations, majority-owned law firms, minority-owned law firms, public sector, and charitable and educational organizations.

The GCMCP is founded upon a shared commitment among its member organizations to not only increase the value, volume, and significance of corporate legal work assigned to and controlled by minority attorneys at member firms, but also to increasing diversity and inclusiveness in the Greater Cincinnati legal community generally.

For purposes of fulfilling its mission, the GCMCP defines minority attorneys as Black or African-American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native, or two or more races, one of which is listed above.

The GCMCP’s goals are to (1) facilitate collaboration among Greater Cincinnati corporations, majority-& minority-owned law firms, public & non-profit sector entities and associate members in order to provide minority attorneys at member firms with an equal opportunity to compete for corporate and public/non-profit sector legal work and (2) support programs focused on advancing the overall diversity of the Greater Cincinnati legal community.

The GCMCP accomplishes these goals by the following activities and efforts: