Greater Cincinnati Minority Counsel Program

Embracing Inclusion in the Legal Profession

Networking and Awards Programs for Members

Annual Member Survey

GCMCP conducts an annual survey of its corporate and law firm members to evaluate progress towards increasing the value, volume and significance of legal work performed and managed by minority members. The confidential survey is conducted in January each year, and helps determine the billing value of legal work performed by minority lawyers at member law firms and the value of work managed by minority attorneys for each of the member corporations and public entities.

Survey results are shared with members in summary form at GCMCP’s mid-year meeting in May. GCMCP leadership works with member corporations and firms to develop strategies and plans for improving survey results each year.

GCMCP Annual Awards Program

The GCMCP Board annually recognizes corporate members, law firm members and a friend/partner which had undertaken exceptional efforts to support and further the mission of the GCMCP and to improve the diversity and inclusion within their own organizations. At the GCMCP annual meeting, the board receives and evaluates nominations in each of the following categories: Corporation of the Year, Law Firm of the Year and Friend/Partner of GCMCP.

GCMCP Connect

The GCMCP Connect Program is a micro-connect program designed to forge new relationships and knowledge sharing between minority lawyers at GCMCP member firms and in house counsel at corporate member organizations.

Each “Connect Partnership” will consist of one in-house lawyer and one minority lawyer from a member firm. Each is asked to commit to a series of at least four interactions over a 12-week period from September through November of each year. Several of those interactions may include one or more GCMCP sponsored events, such as the program’s kickoff at the wrap up session in November of each year.

Every effort is made to create “Connect Partnerships” between persons who share areas of legal practice and/or interest. Minority law firm colleagues and all corporate in house counsel are actively reunited each year to become program participants and make the Program a success.

Meet the Corporate Member Lunch

The GCMCP regularly hosts lunches and breakfasts at corporate members’ office and invites minority lawyers from each of the member firms to attend and meet the host corporation’s in house legal team. These programs have proven to be very popular among members of corporate legal departments and law firms alike and have led to increased awareness of the breadth of diverse talent available within member law firms, a greater understanding of corporate members’ needs and expectations, and new engagements.

Meet Me @ The Game

Through the generosity of several GCMCP members who have club suites at Great American Ballpark, minority lawyers at member firms can invite a member of an in house legal team to a Reds game as their guest. This program has proven to be a great way to involve members of both law firms and corporate legal departments in GCMCP activities.

Networking Events

On at least a quarterly basis, GCMCP hosts a networking event for its existing and prospective members at one of Cincinnati’s favorite restaurants or a member’s office. Frequently, networking events are scheduled to coincide with GCMCP sponsored CLE programs. Upcoming networking events are always listed on the calendar of events found on the What’s New page. Prospective members wishing to attend a GCMCP networking event are asked to first contact GCMCP’s Executive Director.